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Molding Our Different Ethics


November 22, 2010


The world we live in today is filled of stereotypes, which has created a distorted perception of what is really true. Why is it looked down upon when business workers have tattoos? Why is it not acceptable for a gangster to wear a suit? M.O.D.E is a brand, which shatters these stereotypes and allows people to truly express themselves through what they wear. We strive to bring groups of different ethical backgrounds together. We compel ourselves to disregard the negativity and the ignorance of others. We learn to become individuals, and not followers of the masses. While the majority of people live life monotonously, stuck inside of a box, we aim at exposing ourselves to the real world; to differentiate what people perceive as true, and what actually is true. “Molding our Different Ethics” is represented by the acronym M.O.D.E. This is our mission statement. These are our principles. This is what we live by. WE ARE M. O. D. E.